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Wood Fencing

We offer #1 grade Cedar fences in all legal heights and many different styles and grades including the very clean looking “clear” cedar.  We typically use 2 3/8 schedule 20 galvanized steel posts, but upon request, or in certain cases we will use galvanized schedule 40 posts.  We have full confidence in these posts as none of our fences blew over during the sustained 100 mph winds during early July of 2017.  A nice addition to a standard privacy fence is a 2 x 6 Western Red Cedar cap with trim, and for a fence with complete privacy we can build a board on board style fence. An excellent and highly recommended addition to our wood fences is our very own ACA Premium Fence Stain.  This stain is a penetrating oil-based stain that we mix ourselves, comes in many beautiful colors, and has excellent UV protection.  This is absolutely the best fence preservative on the market and should be expected to preserve and keep your fence performing and looking new for many years.  For a more detailed description, please read more in the “Fence Staining” section.

Vinyl Fencing

We offer Bufftech vinyl fences in many different styles in white, tan, and grey with many different styles of caps, including solar light caps. This vinyl fence system is American made and manufactured with pure virgin material and comes with a manufacturer’s twenty-year limited warranty that you will probably never need! The gates and gate post have a metallic frame to eliminate sag and separation for many years of problem free use. This vinyl is thick walled and surprisingly tough. At least one of our vinyl fences has taken the brunt of some golf ball sized hail and 100 mph winds with no problems. This fence system is about as maintenance free and long lasting as it gets.

Ornamental Iron Fencing

For our ornamental iron, we use Ameristar and it is something special! Ameristar ornamental iron is a unique top quality, all steel, American made fence system, and comes with a manufacturer’s twenty-year limited warranty. In other words, it will not need to be painted for at least twenty years. We offer three different styles in black or tan with two or three rails. We can also add finials, rings, and arched gates. This fence system is “rackable” and can follow severely sloped terrain without the pickets getting out of plumb or stair-stepping. As with all of our fence systems, a very nice addition to an ornamental iron fence is brick or rock columns and/ or a concrete footing.

Chain Link Fencing

Everyone knows about chain link fences and how they are comparatively inexpensive and long lasting. We have built many residential and commercial chain link fences including the chain link fencing for the Texas Bank Sports Complex off of Bell St. In addition to standard galvanized chain link, we offer black, green, tan, or brown vinyl coated chain link. The vinyl coated chain link fence adds a touch of elegance with a minimum increase in cost. We can also add vinyl slats in many different colors to provide about 90% privacy to any chain link fence.

Metal Fencing

We offer metal privacy fences in many different color combinations and legal heights. What really sets us apart from our competitors is our framing system. We use galvanized square tubing for the rails as opposed to the traditional c-perlin rails. There are many benefits to using the galvanized square tubing. First, the frame is enclosed, which hides the unsightly sheet screws on the back side of the fence. Second, the closed square tubing prevents water and debris from collecting like it does in the bottom of the “c” of the perlin which will eventually cause the perlin to rot. Last, the square tubing is galvanized, avoiding rusting, rotting, and any need for painting….ever. Additionally, our gates are built to freely swing a full 180 degrees without large gaps when the gates are closed. We build metal privacy fences like a fence is supposed to be built, not like a metal building!

Fence Staining

We can stain your existing fence after construction, or pre-stain fence wood for you!

For new fences, we use ACA Premium Fence Stain. This stain is a transparent penetrating oil-based product that uses Trans Oxide pigments for color. Trans Oxide pigment is a very fine, longer lasting, and consequently more expensive pigment that will penetrate very well and provide a very rich, beautiful color. Our stain also contains fungicides, mildewcides, and UV inhibitors which will significantly reduce mold and mildew growth as well as fading from the sun’s damaging rays and insect infestation. ACA Premium Fence Stain is quite simply “the best of both worlds.”

For weathered fences, we use a semi-transparent Wood Defender. Wood Defender uses an Iron oxide pigment which is larger than the trans-oxide pigment and is exceptional at covering flaws in weathered fences. After a chemical wash to remove the dirt, mold and mildew, we apply a liberal coat of Wood Defender. This combination will revitalize your old fence making it look almost new. Wood Defender also has all of the fungicides, mildewcides, and ultra violet inhibitors, and is also very effective in extending the life and aesthetics of your fence

Automatic Gates

We offer commercial and residential gate openers in swing or slide models using solar or electric power, as do many of our competitors. What sets us apart is our clean, efficient installations and our in-depth understanding of gates and the products we use. Typically, we use Liftmaster gate operators which have proven to be outstanding and very dependable machines. With any of the Liftmaster equipment, accessories are a must. We offer wireless and hard-wired key pads, cellular and Wi-Fi entry, card readers, exit/entrance probes and loops, and safety devices as well as remotes.

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